Gayle Dickie

Gayle is a consistent top performer and well respected entertainment executive with solid relationships having 25 years in the business of sales/distribution of television, film, syndication, music, animation, toy licensing, marketing, packaging, producing, as well as raising private equity providing exclusive services to various clients and independent studios worldwide. A former syndicator, Gayle was the first female Vice President for Blair Entertainment, holding executive positions at Viacom, Mattel Television Syndication, a division of Mattel Toys, Inc., Television Program Enterprises, Fries Entertainment and Orion Television Syndication. She regularly syndicated, packaged and distributed movie and television programs to over 200 television stations domestically, working with top broadcast O&O stations (U.S.) managing $20M in advertising and $25M in revenues with some of the most recognizable programs in television.

In the 90’s she effectively pitched and packaged, “DRAGONBALL Z to Saban Entertainment, supervising all domestic syndication and marketing efforts. The show became one of the most successful ‘Japanimation’ programs in the world with global revenues estimated over $100M. In 1997, her independent movie, “THE GIFTED,” went to Cannes Film Festival with sales over $8M.

The following two years, Gayle was recruited as a Managing Director/Business Development of Entertainment and Media for Covansys, Inc. She was responsible for $14M in sales of business intelligence for studio/film/television/music companies providing end-to-end solutions and custom development software applications increasing brand visibility to Warner Bros., Fox Filmed Entertainment, Universal, DreamWorks, MGM, Sony, Paramount, E Networks, Disney and DirecTV.

Continuing her independent spirit, she produced and raised $10M in private equity/financing for a feature film in 2009-10, hiring all above the line talent, (Cloris Leachman, Toni Braxton, Chazz Palminteri, Cary Elwes, and Jamie Presley) successfully recouping Michigan’s 42% of tax credit/spend back to investors.

With numerous TV shows and films in development, Gayle is a member of NATPE & FAME. A former competitive athlete, Gayle set (and still holds) the WORLD RECORD of 13,104 Bent-Knee Sit Ups in 12 Hours on ABC-TV in 1980. It was a World Wide Television Event Program entitled, “The New and Spectacular Guinness Book of World Records.”  

Backlot Productions and Creative are one of our primary production collaborators for outside production, digital and vast creative needs  who believe in the value of teamwork.   Furthering our branded entertainment world includes our continuing development of "THE CURSE OF 27" and  working with our world renown photographers, Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones for a new reality series "THE BOUDOIR CAFE"  to launch fall 2018.

Gayle's vast alliances with major television, film studios, music, production entities and global industry relationships, allowed  her  to  create a best of breed entertainment platform filling the crucial void in the multi-billion-dollar eSports and gaming industry.  "GAMER WORLD NEWS" launches  January 2018 in cooperation and strategic partnership with, this multi-platform network is the #1 go-to-source for esports, gamer news and entertainment, with distribution via OTT, linearTV, iOS, Android, having the most unique O&O platform with 3rd party affiliates running content with solid advertising and monetizing opportunities.  AerNow has a patented proprietary video player to syndicate the Gamer World News content to over 200,000 publishing sites with an estimated 500million available eyeballs.  Gamer World News will soon announce a first-in-world technology production at NAB 2018. The company produces news, short series, exclusive interviews, live events, and globally branded content for the "Esports, Gamer Lifestyle  from Teams to Leagues to Publishers to professional, spectators and casual gamers alike." -