Hey Girl Hey Entertainment and WeatherVane Productions Filming in Vancouver


As Producers and native Californians, we love working in our city.  And although we love the art, we are consistently reminded that this IS A BUSINESS.  It's hard to deny the lower Canadian dollar is intoxicatingly alluring for producers of TV and Film projects.

Back in 2012, producers complained that B.C. was losing business because Canada had lost it's competitive edge.  Three years later, there are more sound stages on the horizon and there doesn't seem to be a slow down anytime soon.  Projects are going into full throttle into December and our film is no different.  

The good news is we still sell in US currency.  Our U.S. costs might be higher but we can gain on the exchange coupled with the tax rebates available.  And that makes our financiers, Jason Van Eman, Weathervane Productions along with Ben McConley, Forrest Capital Partners, happy that we have both the exchange rates and rebates add to our budget. It was a crucial decision for us to film in B.C.

Vancouver is downright beautiful. Yes, it rains. But it is beautiful. And I can't deny the pool of great talent brought to us by Tiffany Mak and her casting associates.  She has a keen eye not only for talent but a vision for the mixture of a great cast come to light.  Don't get me wrong, I like some of the U.S. casting directors but there is a distinct difference in work ethic and commitment and somehow Vancouver makes you feel special from the production side with Gabriel Napora and his company, Triton Films, to various talent pools of editors, cinematographers, and art directors.  

This film has had a long road of adjustments.  The original film we started with months ago has now grown into an entirely new project and we are all the better for it.  As I jokingly refer to production, I refuse to make any movie with my 'hair on fire.'  And this particular film which I will not reveal the formal name as of this date, has become a task master for us in the sense that we have many options ahead of our production schedule.

'Hollywood North" as it is most commonly referred is getting even more attention with the influx of various TV and Films from Spielberg to Cameron Crowe to Star Trek and Walking Dead series. I only wish we could somehow bring even 30% of these projects back to Hollywood but it's an old song that everyone is fed up with trying to sing.  Without uttering a political slant on the subject, insiders know exactly why production will never really be as financially viable as it should be in our own backyard; especially for independent films.  It's virtually impossible.

So Vancouver here we come.  We like you too Toronto. And thanks for making us feel welcome.


Vancouver skyline view 🎬 

Vancouver skyline view 🎬